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Are you searching for a Reliable Provider for Affordable Fencing Hull?

At Hull Sheds Fencing & Decking, we offer a diverse gamut of bespoke fencing Hull, sporting numerous styles and the choicest timbers for your home or commercial facility. Some of our most popular products are illustrated below in brief.

Standard Paling Fencing Hull

It is generally the most cost-effective and most sought-after fencing system in the country. The particular type of fencing is built from pine timber that is treated with chromate copper arsenate, or CCA, in short, which is essentially a wood preservation agent. The palings are usually ten centimetres of width and are configured in a single layer.

They are butted onto the three treated pine rails, each seven and a half centimetre deep, with the help of galvanised nails. Note that the palings are to contract a little as they become dry over time, leaving an insignificant gap between them, which is, of course, pretty natural.

The CCA treated pine timber is then attached to the rails. While the most typical size post tends to be fifteen centimetres by five centimetres, it depends on the intended elevation of your fence. The posts will be cemented as well if their bases are required to be placed underneath the ground. They will not be centre mortised and are trenched sidewise for accomplishing better looks and fit.

If you are interested in a more readymade solution, we also sell and install purpose-manufactured fence panels Hull. Call us now and get an instant estimate.

Lapped Fence Panels Hull

This type of fencing system is comprised of twin layers of overlapping palings for reducing the inter-paling space to a bare minimum and is primarily recommended where optimum privacy is required. The top and rear layers of palings are usually ten centimetres and fifteen centimetres in width respectively for spacing the top palings evenly and thus, enhancing the aesthetics of your fence. Three seven and a half centimetre deep rails are nailed onto the CCA treated pine timbers.

 Whether you are looking for a lapped paling fence or plastic and concrete posts Hull, your quest ends with us! We are just a phone call away!

Capped and Lapped Fence Hull

It is undoubtedly a very popular kind of fencing Hull area for its clean appearance and finishes. Ten centimetre wide palings are placed on top in such a manner that they overlap a rear layer of fifteen centimetre wide palings.  A capped and lapped fence is often advised for improving the privacy and eliminating the inter-paling gaps to a great extent. The paling tops are intentionally left square-shaped so that they could nicely snug underneath the CCA treated pine capping, which spans across the topside of your fence, thus, enhancing its overall appearance. Note that the CCA treated pine structures are fixed to three seven and a half centimetre deep rails.

Feel free to call us for any queries or learn more about our comprehensive range of cutting-edge fencing systems.

Picket Fencing Hull

When it comes to front boundary fencing in Hull, picket fences continue to be one of the most favourable alternatives among British households. You may also utilise them for block offs, going back to the side of your home for adding an element of variety with their classic peek-a-boo effect. CCA treated high-grade timber, such as pine, is suitably dressed for achieving a smooth finish and you can even get it painted if required. Picket fences could be constructed in virtually an infinite number of varieties and styles.

Speak to any of our product recommendation specialists today and explore our complete range of sophisticated fence systems.

Treated Pine Fence with Lattice Toppings

More commonly known as Federation style or Heritage fencing, these are necessarily lapped CCA treated pine timber while the fence topside being equipped with a lattice panel. They are mostly built up to a height of two-hundred and forty centimetres. Although the dimensions of the posts and materials are to depend on the fence design, the paling section often gets as high as one-hundred and fifty centimetres to one-hundred and eighty centimetres with around thirty centimetres of latticework decorating the top of your fence.

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